Our company which staff through experience in architectural design set up aim promotion and production of timber shingles.


Why to cover with wooden shingles?
  • Hail-proof and storm proof .

  • Durable withstanding without restoration and major repair 100 years.

  • Muffle external noise-not susceptible for transfering sound during rain like steel tile.

  • Durable for temperature differences so called thermally neutral . Not overheated in summer and not freeze in winter .

  • Very light-weight cover which allow to minimize building bearing structure.

  • Natural product with no CO2 emission.




Why is worth cooperate with us?

  • Our product is 100% natural and tested in use from centuries.

  • Environmentally friendly product harvested from mountain's forest habitat.

  • Our product is unique, created on orginal technology of wood processing.

  • We are here to serve our clients to solve technical problems on design stage preparing detailed drawings and specifications.